The scent of the beautiful life


Whether on a beautiful summer evening or in the darker season: candles brighten life, candlelight is warm, relaxing, original and solemn. Beautiful candles are a luxurious accessory for stylish home decor, a festively set table and all family celebrations. 

Scented candles with Marrakech flair

The wonderful ones are something special scented candles from Side Candle. The family business Côté Bougie has been developing high-quality, decorative scented candles and room fragrances for over 15 years. The mystical and mysterious aura of the Orient is harmoniously combined with inspiring, contemporary trends in fashion and interior design. The exclusive pieces are handmade in the workshops in Sidi Ghanem, Marrakesh from carefully selected materials with respect for nature. The result is high-quality scented candles, which are embedded in beautiful, sustainable and hand-decorated containers and are precisely manufactured by master craftsmen to the highest quality standards.

High quality room fragrances

The attractive room fragrances by Côté Bougie, whose perfumes are absorbed by rattan sticks and released into the air, perfectly complement the range. Whether a scented candle or a room fragrance, in the DESIGN·MAROC collection you will find tasteful accessories for a stimulating ambience as well as attractive giftsthat impress.

DESIGN MAROC. Design with magic.

DESIGN·MAROC tells the stories of the people who, in the tradition of Moroccan craftsmanship and inspired by a rich European-Oriental culture, manufacture products with a lot of LOVE for detail. was founded in 2020 by Dipl.-Kff. Ulla Weyers, inspired by private travel, discoveries, encounters and the love of beautiful design. We are always on the lookout for new creative designers and sustainable, handcrafted, attractive products with history and an oriental flair. It is important to us to offer high-quality products and to support family businesses and women's cooperatives with our purchases.
Ulla Weyers is co-owner of the agency BRANDS Strategy & Design GmbH, Cologne. is a registered trademark of Ulla Weyers.

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