Oriental Spirit: Living like in Marrakech

Bring home the splendor and magic of the Orient!

Great worlds of color and shine, opulent patterns and mosaics, expansive shapes and fascinating fragrances give us unlimited possibilities to design our own ambience with a touch of mysticism and oriental glamour.



Handicrafts are very important in Morocco. Traditional know-how and modern, artistic influences flow together in it. High-quality, decorative products are created with which you can easily create a fresh Marrakech style at home.

 The Elements of Marrakech Interior Design





_Accessories & Decoration



A very important design element are high-quality fragrances, which can determine the room ambience according to personal taste.

This is how the fragrances by Side Candle incorporated into scented candles and room fragrances, developed in Grasse, France, the cradle of elegant essences.

Selected fragrance creations for your feel-good atmosphere

From floral-fine to fruity-fresh to spicy notes - in the carefully selected range you will find a feel-good fragrance for every occasion. In addition, the high-quality designs of the scented candles and room fragrances complement the ambience, whether in the living room, in the yoga room or outdoors on the terrace and in the garden. Great for decoration fans, fragrance lovers or designers of interior designs.

The fragrance notes at a glance:


The sensual, glamorous Oriental fragrance is reminiscent of the aromas and balsamic fragrances of Morocco for a wonderfully warm feel-good ambience.


    spinning top

    Raumduft Chapel





    The unique fragrance composition jasmine is beguiling and elegant like a Moroccan summer garden. The full bouquet of flowers with a citric base develops a pleasantly relaxing atmosphere.


      spinning top
      Safar/Travel (Night) Jasmin
      40,000 Marrakech YSL finely floral



               Safar/Travel (Night) Jasmin



               40,000 Marrakech



      The ingredient amber, with its sensual, tart scent, is often used as a base note in luxurious perfumes. The fragrance composition exudes oriental mysticism and develops a warm, sensual atmosphere. Ambre is in the candle Sabra glass contain.



      The fragrance creation contains the high-quality fragrance Oud, which has been extracted from the resin of the rare agarwood tree for centuries. The valuable essential oil develops a woody - balsamic odor component with a seductive - sensuous appeal - can be finely dosed using the rattan sticks Raumduft CHAPEL.




      Fig tree / Feige

      Figuier contains ingredients with the fruity accents of the fig tree. When mixed with other fragrance components, the fragrance is reminiscent of a relaxed summer day in a Moroccan garden or in an airy riad. included in Moroccan Definition Hob/love Fig


        Orange Blossom / Orangenblüte

        Fleur d'Oranger develops a tart, floral and fresh fragrance, the essence of which is based on delicate, white orange blossoms. Balanced and beguiling, he develops his magic for the very special moments in life.


          Raffia Mogador
          spinning top
          Amal/Hope Orangenblüte
          Liberte: honey almond and orange blossom
          Raumduft Chapel


          Raffia Mogador




          Mandarine Majorelle is a fresh and classically elegant fragrance that relaxes and puts you in a good mood. It is reminiscent of a walk in the wonderful Majorelle Garden in Marrakech.


           Die DUFTKERZE_ZEBRE im klassisch eleganten schwarz-weißem Zebra Design passt perfekt in jedes Ambiente. Genieße den herrlichen Duft nach zarter Mandarine MAJORELLE bei gemütlichem Kerzenlicht zu Hause und im Garten.

          Striped Mandarin Majorelle


          Dates / date

          Dattes is a fruity-oriental fragrance composition with fresh undertones. The warm radiance of date extracts is extravagant, elegant and idiosyncratic. Perfect for an extraordinary feel-good atmosphere.


            Sabra glass
            Raphia Zayna
            Raumduft Chapel


            Raphia Zayna


            Menthe & The / Mint and tea

            The fragrance creation with fresh Moroccan mint and citrus aspects is like a relaxing moment of rest in a palm garden in Marrakech or activating like a walk on the beach in Essaouira.


              spinning top
              Raumduft Chapel



              Duftkerze Ceramic Place des Epices

              The Place des Epices is the marketplace for flavors and fragrances in the bustling medina of Marrakech. This is where traders and customers meet, discuss the latest spice mixtures and recipes. This spicy-aromatic scented candle reflects this inspiring atmosphere.




              Duftkerze Ceramic White

              The white beauty in the fragrance GINGER smells aromatic, warm and spicy with a hint of citrus.




              Sabra Dana perfumes

              The elegant scented candle SABRA DANA has that certain EXTRA. The contrast of black and gold is glamorous and very cool, as a decorative object it enhances any interior.

              SABRA DANA in size L beguiles with the warm fragrance variant OUD.

              SABRA DANA in size M smells wonderfully of orange blossoms.



              Duftkerze Zagora

              Chic and modern, the ZAGORA scented candle is a real eye-catcher in the apartment and in the garden in summer and smells wonderfully stimulating of lemony fresh Verbena Louisa.

              The ZAGORA scented candle is the result of the collaboration between COTÉ BOUGIE and BOUCHRA BOUDOUA.





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