LIGHT, HEAT and the SCENT for a beautiful LIFE

What do you think of when you hear the terms light, warmth and way of life?

Candles! No wonder, because candles have been lighting up human life for over 5000 years. Developed in the Middle East, they became an indispensable part of life. 

Candlelight is relaxing, original and solemn. Beautiful candles are a luxurious accessory for stylish home decor, a festive table and all family celebrations. Can you imagine a romantic dinner without candles? Hardly likely.



 Duftkerze VERRE SABRA

The wonderful scented candles from Côté Bougie are something special from Marrakech. These are handmade and elegantly designed designer candles with high-quality French fragrance compositions from Grasse, the cradle of the most beautiful fragrance compositions.

Inspired by the modern lifestyle and the designs from the field of fashion and interior design, small works of art and luxurious accessories with attractive scents are created for your stylish ambience.

The products decorate every room - whether lit or not - and smell wonderfully from sensual and intense to fresh and light. the attractive room fragranceswhose perfume is absorbed by rattan sticks and released into the room air, are the perfect complement to the scented candles. Whether a scented candle or a room fragrance, in the Designmaroc range you will find attractive gifts that impress.


 Raumduft CAPILLA und Duftkerze TOUPIE; Kreolen von Hamimi



The finely composed fragrances for the candles and room fragrances by Côté Bougie from Marrakech are developed in Grasse, France, the cradle of elegant fragrances.

The following fragrance compositions are currently available:

  Oriental (Taupe) / Oriental (Gray beige)

The sensual, glamorous Oriental scent is reminiscent of oriental aromas and the balsamic world of Moroccan scents. The fragrance develops a wonderfully warm feel-good atmosphere.

jasmine (Orange)

The unique fragrance composition jasmine is beguiling and elegant like a Moroccan summer garden. The full floral bouquet with a citric base develops a pleasantly relaxing atmosphere.

Ambre (Rouge) / Amber (Red)

The ingredient amber, with its sensual, tangy scent, is often used as a base note in luxurious perfumes. The fragrance composition exudes oriental mysticism and develops a warm, sensual atmosphere.

Oud (Noire) / Oud (Black)

The fragrance creation contains the high-quality fragrance oud, which has been extracted from the resin of the rare agarwood tree for centuries. The precious essential oil develops a woody - balsamic odor component with a seductive - sensual impression.

Figuier (Beige) / Coward (Beige)

Figuier contains ingredients with the fruity accents of the fig tree. When mixed with other fragrance components, the fragrance is reminiscent of a relaxed summer day in a Moroccan garden or in an airy riad.

Fleur d'Oranger (Blanc) / Orange blossom (White)

Fleur d‘Oranger develops a tart, floral and fresh fragrance, the essence of which is based on delicate, white orange blossoms. Balanced and beguiling, he develops his magic for the very special moments in life.

Dates (Bleu Paon) / date (Turquoise)

Dattes is a fruity-oriental fragrance composition with fresh undertones. The warm appearance of date extracts looks extravagant, elegant and idiosyncratic. Perfect for an extraordinary feel-good atmosphere.

Menthe & The (Gris) / Mint and tea (Gray)

The fragrance creation with fresh Moroccan mint and citric aspects works like a relaxing moment of calm in the medina of Marrakech or activating like a walk on the beach of Essaouira.


If the desired fragrance note is temporarily not in stock, we can schedule it for our next order.

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