Côté Bougie - scented candles and room fragrances from Marrakech

The family company has been developing for over 15 years Côté Bougie high quality candles and fragrances for interiors and events.

The design combines the mystical-mysterious aura of the Orient with inspiring, contemporary trends. The exclusive pieces are handcrafted in the workshops in Sidi Ghanem, Marrakech, from materials carefully selected with respect for nature. The company designs and produces high-quality scented candles, which are placed in beautiful, sustainable and hand-decorated containers and are precisely and elegantly manufactured by masters of their craft according to the highest quality standards.

At the Raphia Collection Côté Bougie worked with a women's cooperative in Essaouira, where raffia is woven by hand. The work and the sale of the products bring income and independence to the women.

Raphia Collection handmade by a Women's Cooparative in Essaouira. Many thanks to Côté Bougie for allowing to use these photos!

The following film impressively presents the production of the ceramic vessels and the scented candles of the 40,000 Marrakech Collection.

Another typical Moroccan handicraft is the art of coppersmithing or "Dinanderie". Artful shapes are hammered out of a simple flat sheet of metal and processed and refined by means of heating and various other techniques. At Côte Bougie, dinanderie is used for the scented candles VERRE SABRA and TOUPIE.


Respect for Moroccan heritage, craftsmanship and the environment has been the foundation of Côté Bougie's activities over the years.

All products consist of EU-certified fragrances made from Grasse, soy wax (GMO-free) or mineral wax as well as 100% cotton wick and recycled glass.

 * Many thanks to Côté Bougie for allowing us to use these photos and films!

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