L'ART DU BAIN soap factory

In Moorish footsteps with L'ART DU BAIN -

 L'Art du Bain is a soap manufacturer for handmade soaps. The founders Elsa and Youssef Maanaoui want to reinvent the world's bathing rituals and take you on a fragrant journey with their exclusive products.

The MAURESQUE soap collection sees itself as an ode to nature. With shea butter, honey, aloe vera, argan oil and the wonderful scents of Morocco, it offers treasures for beauty and well-being.

The traditional Moroccan mosaics are reinterpreted with a fresh look at design. The SAVON MAURESQUE, presented on a string of pearls, decorate and scent the bathroom. The soaps are very economical because they dry particularly well between uses. The soap bars are individually made by hand and presented in pretty cotton bags. The soap is very suitable for both facial and body cleansing.

We offer four variants of the collection:

Orange Blossom - Orangenblüte

The mild, delicate soap is a composition with orange blossom, enriched with moisturizing aloe vera.

Gray Amber - Grauer Amber

The Gray Amber soap combines the intoxicating scent of amber with the peeling properties of ginger powder. When used regularly, this has a smoothing effect and the skin becomes smooth and supple.

Oriental Rose - Orientalsiche Rose

The gentle Oriental Rose soap with its delicate scent, combined with fine woods and warm spices, takes you to the blooming rose fields in the green valley of M'gouna. Aloe Vera provides nourishing moisture.

Louisa - Louisa

In Moroccan, Louisa is the verbena. Thanks to the essential oils of exotic verbena combined with tangy lemon, the soap smells delicious and is refreshing on the skin. Thanks to the crushed verbena leaves, it has a slightly peeling effect.


The founders of L'ART DU BAIN, Elsa and Youssef Maanaoui, are passionate graphic artists and lovers of beautiful materials. They bring together artisanal, traditional skills such as soap making and screen printing as well as graphic arts. Together they develop elegant and high-quality products. The creative soap collections are developed from high-quality, natural ingredients, inspired by the lavish wealth of nature in Morocco. The products are suitable for all skin types

Only cold soaps are produced in Marrakesh and Nantes, hand-made, screen-printed and individually packaged by hand.

Cold saponification is a lengthy process. A mixture of carefully selected vegetable oils react with soda or potash. A six-week drying phase follows. This creates products that are naturally rich in glycerin, which provides softness and moisturizing properties.

All raw materials are carefully selected. They are environmentally friendly and good for the skin. High-quality vegetable oils have a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Each product is formulated to suit every skin type.