Designmaroc opens up new and contemporary design worlds.
With selected, handcrafted products in the tradition of Moroccan craftsmanship and inspired by a rich history and culture across borders, they all tell their own story - empathetic, sensual and unique. The products are made from sustainable materials, meet modern standards and are mainly produced in Moroccan women 's cooperatives.

The idea for Designmaroc originated in Marrakech.
Carried away by the atmosphere of this special city and a fascinating international flair, the desire to take something home with you grew. It's the memories of people and their enthusiasm for what they do. We are currently presenting a collection of unique products such as scented candles, bags and jewelry, and many discoveries will follow.
 The observation of changes in lifestyle and trends, in design, in fashion and cosmetics and their effects on society has always interested me - it is an essential part of my work. With Designmaroc I combine this know-how with my passion for the finer things in life and the desire to discover new things.
I look forward to sharing the stories with you.