NEW: NATURAL SOAP THALIA - with orange blossom oil
NEW: NATURAL SOAP THALIA - with orange blossom oil
NEW: NATURAL SOAP THALIA - with orange blossom oil

NEW: NATURAL SOAP THALIA - with orange blossom oil

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The SAVON THALIA is an authentic natural soap from Marrakech.

The natural, white Thalia soap is a natural cosmetic product, the end cold-pressed, pure olive oil and the essential Orange Blossom Oil will be produced. Inspired by the knowledge of the Syrian ancestors, Thalia uses the method of cold saponification and thus receives the protective and caring properties of the vegetable oils. The natural soap is very mild and suitable for all ages and skin types, even theirs sensitive and dry skin. It can be used every day to cleanse and care for the face and body.

Thalia Soap is an artisan product made in Marrakech, 100% natural ingredients and without colorings and preservatives. Each product is handmade, so shapes and weight may vary slightly.

The valuable oil from cold-pressed Olive is a purely natural product rich in simple and saturated fatty acids and vitamin E, contains important minerals and active plant substances. The natural antioxidants provide an anti-inflammatory effect. The soap gently cleanses, moisturizes and supports the healthy function of the skin. Olive oil soaps foam only slightly.

Citrus Oranges is an essential oil of plant origin. Neroli, the white flowers of the orange, are processed into this sweetish oil. It has a nurturing, relaxing and calming effect and gives the soap a very light, fresh scent.

Out of Aleppo in Syria comes the original soap of the same name, which is made from olive oil and a proportion of laurel oil. 

When proceeding cold saponification The chemical reaction is achieved by mixing fat and lye. The mixture is heated only to 30 - 50 degrees. When the lye has saponified, let the soap dry for at least four weeks. The advantages:

  • The glycerin is retained. It nourishes and protects the skin.
  • The non-saponifiable part of the valuable oils is retained - important for the caring effect
  • More fat is added to the recipe than is necessary for saponification. This leads to less foam formation and an increase in care performance.

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Aqua, Citrus Aurantium, Flower Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide,

Without coloring and preservatives.

Bar of soap: 120 gr.

Size: 7*7*2.5cm

Bar of soap in a white banderole