Oriental Spirit: Living like in Marrakech

Bring home the splendor and magic of the Orient! Great worlds of color and shine, opulent patterns and mosaics, expansive forms and fascinating fragrances give us unlimited opportunities to bring a touch of mysticism and oriental glamor into our homes. design e.g. B. with scented candles, room fragrances, bags and accessories a very individual Marrakech style - as you like it.

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Feel-good fragrances

Scents directly affect our mood, because they are routed through the nose directly into the brain or the nervous system, where they stimulate certain hormones. Without being able to influence it, scents and smells determine one's own mood and thus one's well-being. Good to know, because in this way we can positively shape well-being through the considered use of scents and aromas.

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DESIGN WITH MAGIC FROM MARRAKECH. Wandering through Sidi Ghanem, the "modern" part of the city where many artists and designers work, you can sense a mysterious, touching magic, a mix of its own oriental and European inspirations and a fresh, contemporary MARRAKECH STYLE. Here the creative energy of the city can be felt immediately. In the new district, many artists and gallery owners, design studios and artisans have settled around the absolutely worth seeing MUSÉE Yves Saint Laurent, which was built in honor of the legendary fashion designer. And this is also where the creators of the products that we currently present at are at home.

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