The atmosphere of the most lively city Marrakech* can be described as extraordinary, exotic, oriental and mystical. At the same time you experience a specific, international flair, influenced by a Cultural fusion of Orient and Occident* and the artists, designers and actors who have lived and worked here. Marrakech is the new HOTSPOT.
You can feel it, especially when strolling through Sidi Ghanem, the "modern" part of the city where many artists and designers work mysterious, touching magic, a mix of its own oriental and European inspirations and a fresh, contemporary MARRAKECH STYLE. The creative energy is immediately noticeable here.
In the new district have around the absolutely worth seeing Yves Saint Laurent MUSEUM, which was built in honor of the legendary fashion designer, many artists and gallery owners, design studios and artisans have settled here.
And this is also where the creators of the products that we currently present at are at home.
Side Candle designs our high-quality, decorative scented candles and room fragrances. The products not only smell great - whether lit or not - but they are beautiful decoration objects, perfect for that individual interior design. The beautiful pieces are produced by skilled artisans, using sustainable materials such as soy wax, cotton wicks, Grasse fragrances and natural materials such as terracotta or recycled glass, decorated with raffia raffia and sabra silk.
Duftkerzen 40.000 Marrakech
HAMIMI  stands with its modern, handmade leather bags and oriental jewelry for a manufacturing based on the values of Moroccan craftsmanship combined with a fresh and current interpretation of design.
Hamimi jewelry
Hamimi leather bags
Both workshops support local artisans, encourage women's cooperatives and improve people's lives.
The tightly woven, warm blankets made of spun dobby wool, decorated with the typical Moroccan pom-poms, which give comfort and warmth both in the house and in the evening in the garden and at the same time look extremely beautiful.
Handgefertigte, dicht gewebte Wohndecke aus 100 % Schafswolle mit PomPoms aus Baumwolle. Dekorativ für Wohnräume, wärmend für kältere Abende im Garten und gemütlich zu Hause. Die Decke DAFI wurde exklusiv in Marrakech für gefertigt.
from SAVO THALIA MARRAKECH are the handmade ones natural soaps from natural olive oil or argan oil and other natural ingredients.
The creators of the products and the personal attitude behind them is what we do with the Designmaroc Collection want to mediate.
We want extraordinary beautiful, sustainably produced and handmade things offer that one value own and radiate it. Because all products are designed by people with a passion for beautiful design and made by people with pride in their craft, in a classic tradition fused with a fresh design that has a future.
ARGAN OIL is a typical Moroccan natural cosmetics product. The valuable beauty elixir is obtained from the kernels of the argan tree, which due to the special climatic conditions only grows in the Essaouira valley on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. The plant oil is usually extracted and bottled by hand in women's cooperatives. This gives women jobs and more independence.
Frauenkooperative in Essaouira, Marokko
The "Moroccan Gold" is odorless. It is mixed with natural fragrances in some products to achieve certain aromatherapeutic effects. Argan oil is an all-rounder: it protects and nourishes the skin and counteracts wrinkles, but is also great for healthy, shiny hair. We have researched some tips for you:*


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