Hamimi - jewelry and bags inspired by Marrakech

"My sanctuary" - This is what the old Arabic term "Hamimi" means 

Founded by siblings Rebecca and Alex Wilford, Hamimi develops products that are implemented in traditional craftsmanship with a fresh view of Moroccan design. The focus is on the development of high-quality jewelry, fine bags and extraordinary lamps, which are made by a team of Moroccan artisans in Marrakech.

The designer Rebecca lives with her husband and son in Marrakech, while her brother and his family live in Brisbane and take care of the management from there.


The inspiration for the brand's designs is actually daily life in Marrakech. Here the past seems to merge with the future and a new contemporary impression is combined in the jewelry or handbags by Hamimi. Natural materials, simple shapes, color, texture and the mixture of seemingly incompatible aspects are the ingredients for products that are enthusiastically worn and loved.

the trinket such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces have a modern Moroccan look with an exotic touch and are made to perfection. The products fuse old and new - this gives them a timeless quality. The jewelery gets a personal touch through the loving packaging in the small jewelery bag, provided with a colored greeting card. Hamimi works in partnership with the local artisans - fairness, respect and honesty are the focus of the cooperation.



The bags are made of high quality leather or carpets in attractive shapes and colors and are made by hand.

Every piece of the Sarma collection is embroidered with the traditional Moroccan sewing technique "Sarma". The embroidered straps are inspired by classic Moroccan kaftan belts. The large Sarma bag and the shoulder bag, available in cognac and black, are handmade from high-quality leather. Both models are beautiful pieces of Moroccan craftsmanship combined with contemporary design - magical and modern at the same time.

The small clutch is perfect for those moments when you only want to take your keys, lipstick and mobile phone with you. The bags come in a Hamimi storage bag with a drawstring.


BARAKA is the Arabic term for a kind of power of blessing, in the French language it stands for luck. The so-called bag line was handcrafted from real carpets and leather and is sure to make the proud owner happy. We only managed to get hold of a few pieces and are offering them as a limited edition. On request, we may be able to get some of the rare copies. Feel free to get in touch by email at hello@designmaroc.de

BARAKA Tasche aus gewebtem Teppich und Leder


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