Hamimi - jewelry and bags inspired by Marrakech

Hamimi develops products that are implemented with a fresh eye for design in traditional craftsmanship. Daily life in Marrakech provides the inspiration for the brand's designs. Here the past seems to merge with the future and a new contemporary impression is combined in the jewelry or handbags by Hamimi.

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LIGHT, HEAT and the SCENT for a beautiful LIFE

That perfect gift! Inspired by the modern lifestyle and the designs from the field of fashion and interior design, the scented candles by Coté Bougie are created - small works of art and luxurious accessories with attractive fragrances for a stylish ambience.

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RAFFIA bast and SABRA silk - rediscovered by the fashion world

Natural materials such as RAFFIA and SABRA are becoming more and more popular in design and fashion and are processed into fabrics, bags or as decor. The scented candles Zayna and Mogador are offered in glasses decorated with RAFFIA. The cactus silk SABRA decorates the scented candle VERRE SABRA and the little tassels of the Toupie Series are also made from processed and turned SABRA.    

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