Cooking with the tagine


In Morocco, the most important way of preparation is this Cooking with the tagine, a saucepan with a cone-shaped lid. In the tagine, stews, ragouts with meat or fish and vegetables are slowly cooked in their own juice. The secret of the cooking utensil, traditionally made of clay, is the conical lid. As the temperature rises, the steam rises in the lid, condenses there and falls back onto the food. In this way it retains its natural aromas, remains juicy and tasteful.

That Aroma of dishes prepared with the tagine is indescribable. The composition of fresh vegetables, spices and herbs with high-quality olive oil works particularly well when the flavors of spicy and sweet are harmoniously mixed



Inspired by the taste discoveries on holiday, I have introduced this way of cooking at home as well. I don't have just one Moroccan cookbook* increased, but some. important thing is really good Moroccan spices* to use and to experiment with fresh herbs. Of course you should also buy a tagine.

The classic Moroccan tagine is a round, clay-fired clay pot with a conical lid. On the lid there is a hollow handle, into which cold water is poured when preparing dishes, in order to help the liquids to condense inside. A traditional clay pot should be soaked in water overnight, if possible, before it is used for the first time and then simmered with oil, a little water and other ingredients so that the pores close. the classic tagine* I prefer to use it outside on the grill or on a separate stovetop in summer.

I recommend a selection in different designs, sizes and price ranges here:*


I have one for my kitchen "modern" Tajine"* bought with a smooth bottom that is well suited for the ceramic hob. The lid of this type of tagine is often made of porcelain, the actual pot is made of metal or cast iron. The beautifully designed tagines come directly from the stove to the table. There are many different ones Models for every requirement, I present a few examples here:

I can only recommend trying out cooking with the tajine. It's a lot of fun and the result will always surprise you positively.

Have fun cooking and enjoying!

Do you enjoy cooking and fancy Moroccan recipes? Write to me, I look forward to it!

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