RAFFIA bast and SABRA silk - rediscovered by the fashion world




Natural materials are also becoming increasingly popular in the world of fashion.

Raffia is a genus of palm trees from tropical Africa. The complex, long-lasting raffia fibers are extracted from the leaflets and used with local craftsmanship to produce fabrics, baskets and ropes, and are exported to weaving mills.

In the fashion industry, the material is woven into fabrics and used to design decorative elements. In the studios in Marrakech and elsewhere in Morocco, shoes such as the traditional babouche, hats, earrings and the classic raffia bag are made in many variations. The scented candles Zayna and Mogador are offered in glasses decorated with raffia and many home accessories such as furniture, bowls and lampshades are made from this natural treasure.

The growing ecological awareness that encompasses all areas of life and the associated trend towards sustainable fashion has also stimulated major design houses such as Chanel, Dior and Gucci to bring high-quality luxury bags, imaginative shoes and fashionable hats made of fine raffia onto the market.

No wonder the demand for raffia has multiplied.


SABRA is also a natural fiber. It is made from agave leaves or cactus silk and processed into silk pillows, tapestries, silk scarves and the typical pretty POM POMS. At Coté Bougie, the fiber is used as a candle decoration, e.g. for scented candles VERRE SABRA.

The little tassels of the Toupie Series are also made from processed and turned SABRA.


SABRA and RAPHIA Artisans in the film.



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